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THE TITLE: It’s hard to know what to call myself, other than my name. I have used: Creative Curator, Cultural Learning Consultant, Regenerative Culture Leader, Imaginative Activist, Eco-Artist, Researcher, Founding Director. Also, Highly Sensitive Person.

THE CHARACTER: I am dedicated to Regenerative Culture as the force of hope in face of the Earth Crisis. I braid together my multi-passionate creativity and analytical intelligence to help communities and cultural organisations grasp the reality of this crisis, find their flow and grow their capacities to change the world. I have carried a lifelong passion for the environment and concern about its growing devastation, expressed through many artistic and community projects.

PLOT SUMMARY: I have 33 years of experience in running, developing and evaluating learning and digital programmes in museums, heritage, arts and informal science. This includes managing learning services at Tate and the British Library, and delivering hundreds of contracts as director of Flow Associates since 2006.

After taking part in the Creative Climate Leadership programme in 2017, I started forming plans for a new experimental organisation. Then in 2019, I decided to shift my working pattern to:

  • establish Climate Museum UK to creatively stir and collect responses to the Earth crisis, and
  • co-found Culture Declares – a community of individuals and organisations across the cultural sector declaring and acting on the crisis. 

In this work, I am passionate about enabling people to unlock their imaginative capacities, to be more Possitopian about the future, to challenge corruption and inequality, and to shift to more ecocentric ways of knowing.

I am also delivering lots of training & advocacy using the Culture Takes Action and People Take Action frameworks I developed.

THE COMING SEQUEL: In June 2022 I moved from London to Norwich (my birthplace) and have been building links with the creative and ecocentric communities here. Under the umbrella of Climate Museum UK, I’m running a local programme called Possitopia Norwich. It’s a programme for activation on the Earth crisis, to open imaginations to possible futures of the City, of its wider bioregion and the Earth systems we all depend upon.

I also let a private room with en-suite bathroom for guests via Airbnb.

This new personal website is a way to consolidate all of my blogs, publications and projects, highlighting the most useful and enduring material I have produced with the hope it will be shared and have greater impact, given the urgency of the Earth crisis.

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